More than Just for Diabetes: SGLT2 Inhibitors Benefit Patients with Heart Failure

SGLT2 inhibitors, from being merely an antidiabetic drug, are contributing a lot to the global fight against cardiovascular and renal diseases. Interview with:
Bernardo Cortese, MD FESC FSCAI
Interventional Cardiologist
President, Scientific Committee Fondazione Ricerca e Innovazione Cardiovascolare, 
CEO, DCB Academy  What is the background for this study? What are the main findings?

Response: Our report seeks to elucidate the current role of SGLT2 inhibitors in the management of cardiovascular disease and the comprehensive spectrum of heart failure, namely when the heart start deteriorating in its functions.

We start focusing on the pharmacological properties of this class of drugs, thereafter we go through a synthesis and analysis of data derived from the main clinical trials which have involved this class when applied to the cardiovascular patient. Specifically, we aim to consolidate findings that substantiate the safety profile of SGLT2 inhibitors concerning cardiac, renal, and metabolic parameters. Furthermore, our study explores the therapeutic impact of these agents in the context of managing and treating type 2 diabetes.

These “glucoscape maestros”, initially prescribed to diabetic patients, showed a great safety and benefit profile in patients with renal impairment and, most importantly, with a failing heart.

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